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Ghost towns no more: Rethinking Urban Resilience for the 21st century

As cities across the UK look to the future, there is a clear and pressing need to rethink how planning and policy decision makers can best support the communities they… Read more

The Local Resilience and Emergency Response Conference 8 June 2023

In December 2022, the UK Government published a new Resilience Framework. This has established new guidelines and demonstrates a keen awareness of the need for a stronger strategic response to… Read more

Recovery, Renewal, Resilience: The Manchester Webinar Series

This webinar series explores recovery and renewal from COVID-19. Brought to you by the National Consortium for Societal Resilience [UK+] with Alliance Manchester Business School, Manchester University.   Click here… Read more

The National Briefing on Societal Resilience [UK+]

The National Briefing on Societal Resilience [UK+] is produced by Alliance Manchester Business School on behalf of The National Consortium for Societal Resilience [UK+]. The briefing is aimed at practitioners who… Read more

25th May NCSR+ Strengthening local resilience partnerships for recovery, renewal, resilience

Local resilience is at the forefront of peoples’ mind as they think about today’s emergency and the next looming disruption. The Local Resilience Forum (LRF) is the local body that… Read more

Extreme Weather Conference 30 June 2023

NPC Commissioners Matthew Killick and Owen Weatherill, will be speaking at the Extreme weather conference this June. the conference takes place on the 30/06/2023 09:30 – 15:30 Central London Key… Read more