The mission of the National Preparedness Commission is to promote better preparedness for a major crisis or incident.


Turning learnings into legacies for Grenfell survivors

When emergencies happen, communities respond to meet the needs of the people involved.  Benefitting from a deep understanding of the local community, including insight into the needs and concerns of… Read more

Five years on from Grenfell and the 2017 terror attacks, we must put survivor learnings front and centre.

Thelma Stober is a survivor of the 7/7 London bombings, Deputy Lieutenant for Greater London, and Co-Chair of the Grenfell Memorial Commission. She is also a Trustee of the National… Read more

National Preparedness Commission Roundtable on “The Data Sharing Imperative”

Here is a summary of the roundtable organised by the National Preparedness Commission to discuss the Commission’s recent research ‘The Data Sharing Imperative: Lessons from the Pandemic’. The roundtable was… Read more