The mission of the National Preparedness Commission is to promote better preparedness for a major crisis or incident.


The Defence contribution to resilience

The UK MOD has recently released the Joint Doctrine Publication (JDP) 02, UK Operations: The Defence Contribution to Resilience (4th Edition). As the Foreword makes clear, ‘Defence has a key… Read more

ISRM Urban Resilience Conference, 30 November – 2 December

The global climate change conference hosted as COP26 by the UK Government in November 2021 was supposed to be the ‘last chance saloon’ for the global community to acknowledge the… Read more

Cyber resilience: A leadership challenge and responsibility

Steve Hill, Managing Director, Global Head of Operational Resilience at Credit Suisse, and Visiting Senior Research Fellow at King’s College London, together with Sadie Creese, Professor of Cybersecurity at the… Read more