Building a stronger response to national emergencies

UKRI (UK Research and Innovation) has published its independent impact evaluation report of the UKRI Research and Innovation funding response to COVID-19. The recently published report provides an independent assessment… Read more

First meeting of the UK Biosecurity Leadership Council

The UK Biosecurity Leadership Council, consisting of leaders from industry and academia, has held its first meeting, with a goal to make the UK a world leader in the responsible… Read more

Balancing response and resilience in Europe

Increasing costs of disasters in Europe is unsustainable as funds fail to keep up with need as the climate crisis mounts. The EU civil protection mechanism is operating at its… Read more

White Paper: Ransomware, extortion and the cybercrime ecosystem

The National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) and the National Crime Agency (NCA) have jointly published a white paper titled ‘Ransomware, extortion, and the cybercrime ecosystem’. The report highlights ransomware as… Read more

Update on the Panama Canal drought and impacts on global shipping and supply chains

Drought at the Panama Canal and the impact on supply chains The Panama Canal announced shipping restrictions earlier this year due to a severe drought that has further reduced water… Read more

Adaptive Social Protection for Effective Crisis Response

The World Bank has published an independent group evaluation of the World Bank’s contribution to Adaptive Social Protection for Effective Crisis Response. The purpose of the evaluation is twofold: (i)… Read more

RAAC Concrete Crisis

In 2018, a roof collapse at a school in Kent highlighted the growing risk of collapse within schools built with reinforced autoclaved aerated concrete (RAAC) Concrete. In late 2018, the… Read more

UK Frontier AI Taskforce: experts appointed and global partnerships launched to assess AI risks in cybersecurity and catastrophic risks

The UK Government has initiated the Frontier AI Taskforce with £100 million in funding to research AI safety, explore new ways to use AI in public sectors and enhance the… Read more

Inquiry on Preparedness for Online Safety Regulation

The UK Government introduced the Online Safety Bill in March 2022, which aims to make the UK the safest place worldwide for online usage. This new regulatory regime for online… Read more

Artificial Intelligence, disasters and marginalised groups

A UNDRR Briefing explores the role of AI in improving DRR strategies and highlights the challenges and risks associated with its implementation. The report emphasises the need for inclusive DRR… Read more