NPC Commissioner Elisabeth Braw has written a report on AI and Grey-Zone Aggression for the American Enterprise Institute (AEI), of which she is a Senior Fellow.  The paper looks at a number of key points regarding AI and its potential uses and risks, including:

  • Generative artificial intelligence (AI), which causes confusion among the public through its generation of sophisticated and credible-seeming text, audio, and imagery, poses a considerable threat to societal discourse, especially since it can be used in hostile powers’ disinformation.
  • Western countries’ legislators are struggling to keep pace with generative AI’s rapid advance. In June 2023, the EU became the first jurisdiction to pass legislation aimed at limiting generative AI’s harm.
  • At the same time, AI can be useful in detecting gray-zone aggression, which can appear anywhere, anytime, in any shape. Today, countries targeted by gray-zone aggression struggle to identify it at an early stage because doing so primarily involves monitoring by humans.

The full report is available on the AEI website, and signposted here with permission.

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