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Ghost towns no more: Rethinking Urban Resilience for the 21st century

As cities across the UK look to the future, there is a clear and pressing need to rethink how planning and policy decision makers can best support the communities they… Read more

Addressing Destabilizing Impacts of Extreme Heat on Global Food Security

Combined with other climatic impacts, extreme heat events exacerbate negative socioeconomic outcomes, undoing development gains and worsening global hunger.   For the most vulnerable, public sector efforts are needed to… Read more

Can we prevent natural disasters? BBC Inside Science

BBC Radio 4 Inside Science episode –  Can we prevent natural disasters?   BBC Presenter Gaia Vince, speaks with Professor Anastasios Sextos (Bristol University), Executive Director  Bruce Malamud (Durham University),… Read more

UCL Humanitarian Summit 2023: Doing even more with even less?

UCL Humanitarian Summit 2023: Doing even more with even less?   Humanitarians have been exhorted to ‘do more with less’ for many years in the face of rising need and… Read more

Disaster Risk financing takes centre stage at G20

The meeting will enable G20 countries to identify opportunities and explore innovative financing mechanisms to reduce the impact of disasters on vulnerable communities   Click here to read the full… Read more

Renewable Energy Cyber Security Forum

The digitalization of the energy sector is a critical area of development that contributes to increased energy efficiency and the acceleration of the energy transition. However, with the different advantages… Read more

Sustainable Futures Conference: Resilience to Extreme events 21 & 22 June

The 1st International Sustainable Futures Conference: Resilience to Extreme events, hosted on the 21st and 22nd June 2023 at Anglia Ruskin University Cambridge.   Click here to view the conference agenda… Read more

United Nations Office for Disaster Risk Reduction – Annual Report 2022

Report on the activities and achievements of UNDRR in 2022 and its priorities and plans for 2023. It highlights the initiatives and partnerships that UNDRR has led or supported to… Read more

The 2023 Climate Risk Landscape

In order to better understand climate risks and opportunities and inform their strategies, financial institutions have turned towards climate risk tools, a market that has developed at an impressive pace… Read more

Co-designing Infrastructures; community collaboration for liveable cities

Launch of the new co-designing infrastructures book, available by open access PDF for free by UCL Press. Tells the story of a research programme designed to bring the power of… Read more