climate change adaptation

World Risk Report 2023: Focus: Diversity

Disasters, crises and extreme natural events are neutral in their ability to impact anyone exposed; however, disaster impact is not equal. Societal inequalities and vulnerabilities among specific groups, such as… Read more

Adaptive Social Protection for Effective Crisis Response

The World Bank has published an independent group evaluation of the World Bank’s contribution to Adaptive Social Protection for Effective Crisis Response. The purpose of the evaluation is twofold: (i)… Read more

Evidence for disaster risk management from the Risk Data Hub, including data from the UK

The EU Disaster Risk Management Knowledge Centre (DRMKC) is developing and maintaining the Risk Data Hub (RDH). This web platform collects, manages and shares disaster risk, damage and loss data…. Read more

New guidance for government officials on Budget tagging for Disaster Risk Reduction and Climate Change Adaptation: Guide for design and taxonomy

The Disaster Risk Reduction and Climate Change Adaptation Budget Tagging Guide (DCBT) provides direction to help government officials design a coordinated budget tagging initiative that addresses both disaster risk reduction… Read more

Catalysing corporate climate resilience action – Making the business case

The following article, written by Theo Bachrach, Campaign Manager at Resilience Rising, delves into the results of the Resilience First roundtable discussion on “Accelerating Private Sector Leadership on Climate Resilience… Read more

Public Dialogue on Climate Adaptation final report for DEFRA / Sciencewise

Defra conducted a public dialogue to understand public attitudes towards climate adaptation in England in response to the Climate Change Committee’s recommendation. The findings informed the third National Adaptation Programme,… Read more

Energy Security and Net Zero Committee announces four new inquiries

The new Energy Security and Net Zero Committee has launched a series of inquiries as part of its focus on how best to prepare for next winter, protect consumers and… Read more

The world is off track for achieving sustainable development goals

Sustainable development is an important aspect of our national adaptation pathway in response to increasing disaster risks. Sustainable development can reduce the underlying root causes of systemic vulnerability that contribute… Read more

ICSI publishes Climate Resilient Infrastructure Report: A Focus on Implementation

International Coalition for Sustainable Infrastructure (ICSI) launches the Climate Resilient Infrastructure Report, the first in a series of annual publications to report progress on the implementation of climate-resilient infrastructure. Showcasing… Read more

Thames Estuary 2100: Time to Plan and Time to Act

Press release form the Environment Agency sets out their updated plan will take action against rising sea levels in the Thames Estuary.   Click here to read the press release… Read more