Balancing response and resilience in Europe

Increasing costs of disasters in Europe is unsustainable as funds fail to keep up with need as the climate crisis mounts. The EU civil protection mechanism is operating at its… Read more

TIMES OF CRISIS, TIMES OF CHANGE: Global Sustainable Development Report 2023

The 2023 Global Sustainable Development Report (GSDR) “Times” provides a comprehensive assessment of the current state of the world and the challenges involved in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)…. Read more

Adaptive Social Protection for Effective Crisis Response

The World Bank has published an independent group evaluation of the World Bank’s contribution to Adaptive Social Protection for Effective Crisis Response. The purpose of the evaluation is twofold: (i)… Read more

Case study: Coastal Resilience in East Anglia

The Chartered Institution of Water and Environmental Management (CIWEM) has published an article discussing the causes and effects of coastal erosion in East Anglia, one of the regions with the… Read more

Artificial Intelligence, disasters and marginalised groups

A UNDRR Briefing explores the role of AI in improving DRR strategies and highlights the challenges and risks associated with its implementation. The report emphasises the need for inclusive DRR… Read more

UNDRR invites members of the Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) community to comment on the Global Methodology for Infrastructure Resilience Review

The UN Office for Disaster Risk Reduction (UNDRR) has invited members of the Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) community to provide feedback on the Global Methodology for Infrastructure Resilience Review. This… Read more

Road to Resilience: An investor action plan for an adaptive and sustainable economy

Australia and New Zealand demonstrate leadership by investing in resilience through adaptation. The Investor Group on Climate Change (IGCC) is a collaboration of Australian and New Zealand institutional investors focused… Read more

Planning decisions, adaptive capacity and insurability: Findings from a case study of flooding in Somerset, UK

New research from the University of Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership assesses whether planning practice delivers protection from flooding for 100 years in Somerset, UK, a region with significant and… Read more

Health in 2040: projected patterns of illness in England

The report ‘Health in 2040: projected patterns of Illness in England’ by the Health Foundation and the University of Liverpool predicts that by 2040, 9.1 million people in England will be living… Read more

A call to action from Flood Re on delivering a vision of affordable flood insurance

The Flood Re program in the UK aims to make flood insurance more affordable and accessible for homeowners at risk of flooding. Recently, the program published a transition plan for… Read more