Biodiversity loss in the UK poses a significant risk in building long-term resilience to disasters. The 2023 State of Nature report is the most comprehensive report on our biodiversity, developed from a collaboration of over 60 research and conservation organisations. The report highlights that species have reduced by 19% since 1970 in the UK, whilst one in six are threatened with extinction, and 151 have already become extinct since 1500. The UK is now classified as one of the world’s most nature-depleted countries, with our most vital natural habitats considered in poor condition. While efforts to protect landscapes can benefit nature, people, and the climate, the UK remains vulnerable to environmental hazards due to biodiversity loss. Loss of biodiversity can result in ecosystems being less capable of buffering events such as flooding, drought, storms, and landslides; making human settlements more vulnerable. To achieve a resilient and sustainable future, concerted efforts are needed to protect and restore ecosystems, reduce human impacts on nature, and promote sustainable practices in various sectors.


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