Published On: December 9, 2022

On 18th November 2022, NPC Commissioner Dame Jo da Silva RDI gave the 2022 RDI Address. Her talk (reposted here with kind permission) focuses on her personal journey and growing understanding of what resilience means in practice based on her experiences working with vulnerable communities, ‘building back better’ following crises, and exploring what makes cities resilient.

Whereas sustainability is accepted as a key tenet of good design, resilient design is still in its infancy seeking greater understanding and definition. Dame Jo da Silva has earned global recognition as an engineer who has applied her knowledge and design expertise to improve safety, promote inclusivity, and enhance resilience of communities, cities, and infrastructure globally.

The title ‘Royal Designer for Industry’ (RDI) is awarded annually by the RSA to designers of all disciplines who have achieved sustained design excellence, work of aesthetic value and significant benefit to society. The ‘Royal Designers’ are responsible for designing the world around us, enriching our cultural heritage, driving innovation, inspiring creativity in others and improving our quality of life.

Prior to the Address, 5 new Royal Designers for Industry and 4 new Honorary Royal Designers for Industry will be welcomed to the Faculty. #RSARDI

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