The National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) and the National Crime Agency (NCA) have jointly published a white paper titled ‘Ransomware, extortion, and the cybercrime ecosystem’. The report highlights ransomware as one of the most prominent cyber threats that the UK is currently facing. Cybercrime is a lucrative business, with smaller groups offering criminal services on illicit forums and dark web marketplaces, while larger organised criminal groups function like legitimate businesses with offices, salaries, and even sick and holiday pay. The use of cryptocurrency has made it easier, cheaper, and faster for these groups to obtain payment and purchase criminal services. Healthcare services are especially vulnerable to data theft and extortion-only attacks. The white paper outlines the tactics used by cybercrime groups behind ransomware attacks on UK organisations and stresses the importance for organisations of all sizes to take action to protect themselves.


Click here to read the White Paper from the NCSC & NCA

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