University College London will host an online webinar on 7th March 2024, 2-4PM. The webinar aims to provide a comprehensive overview of the MEDiate Horizon 2020 EU project. MEDiate is a multi-disciplinary project aiming to improve disaster risk management and governance by creating a Decision Support System (DSS). This system will take into account multiple natural hazards and their cascading impacts. The DSS will be designed to provide a service-oriented approach that enables users to build accurate models and scenarios.

The MEDiate DSS intends to deliver a solution that can account for potential changes in natural hazards, vulnerability, and exposure. This will allow users to create accurate models and scenarios for mitigation and adaptation risk management actions. These scenarios can be customised to reflect local conditions and needs. They will be based on a combination of historical records and future projections. The system will forecast the location and intensity of natural hazards related to disaster events and predict their impacts on the vulnerability of local physical, economic, and social systems, including cascading impacts.

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