The UK Health Security Agency (UKHSA) is developing a new Multi-Threat Dashboard for public health threats, building on the success of the existing Covid-19 Dashboard. The new dashboard is currently in its alpha phase and will incorporate components from the Covid-19 Dashboard. The UKHSA has awarded a £300,000 contract to transformation consultancy Burrendo to assist with the seven-week project. The Covid-19 Dashboard has proven effective in providing near real-time data on key indicators such as case rates, hospitalizations, deaths, and vaccine uptake. This capability will enhance preparedness by enabling the UKHSA to deliver timely and accurate information to decision-makers, supporting the development of effective strategies for managing risks associated with COVID-19 and other future health emergencies.

The UKHSA has previously utilized a range of tools to monitor the virus through several studies, including the COVID-19 Infection Survey (CIS), SIREN, and VIVALDI. These systems continue to provide valuable data and insights that inform public health interventions and help mitigate the risks associated with COVID-19 and other health emergencies.


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