Poverty undermines national resilience, as those living in poverty have limited resources to prepare for or deal with unexpected events and emergencies. The Joseph Rowntree Foundation (JRF) released a report called ‘UK Poverty 2024′, which provides a comprehensive understanding of poverty in the UK. The report concludes that poverty levels have increased by 50% since the 1970s, with more people experiencing deep poverty, destitution, and hardship than ever before. Currently, 2 in 10 adults and 3 in 10 children in the UK live in poverty, with individuals from ethnic minorities, those with disabilities, or informal carers being more likely to face higher poverty rates. As of October 2023, 72% of households could not purchase essential items, and 58% reported insufficient money to buy food. The report expresses concern that living standards will continue to deteriorate as the government support schemes come to an end, leading to more people falling into poverty or experiencing deeper poverty. The report calls for immediate action to develop an inclusive and coherent strategic policy approach to end poverty in the UK, including investments in social security, housing, work, and education.


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