A new research paper Translating climate risk assessments into more effective adaptation decision-making: The importance of social and political aspects of place-based climate risk has been published in the Journal of Environmental Science & Policy. The research suggests that the current approach to evaluating climate risk is insufficient for effective decision-making and assessment. The paper discusses three critical themes on climate risk, framed within the technical report methods chapter of CCRA3. These themes include the over-reliance on assessing climate risk through urgency scores, the definition of ‘opportunity’, and the framing of adaptation discourses through the lens of climate risk. The 2012 and 2017 UK Climate Change Risk Assessment (CCRA) evidence reports mainly focus on physical, socio-economic, and ecological risks, neglecting social and political aspects of climate risk. The authors argue that such framings are problematic for effective adaptation policy decision-making and that it is necessary to consider the social and political contexts of place-based risk to ensure better adaptation policy outcomes.


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