The University of Oxford has launched the Resilient Planet Data Hub, the United Nations Office for Disaster Risk Reduction (UNDRR) and the Insurance Development Forum (IDF) at COP28. The Resilient Planet Data Hub is designed to provide fair and equal access to globally consistent high-quality data, formed based on a common operating language for risk that combined increases transparency, quality and accessibility.

In conjunction with the Resilient Plant Finance Lab, the project is supported by Climate ARC, NERC (Natural Environment Research Council) and UKPACT. The project brings together an array of public and private sector partners to explore how the data can be leveraged to drive improvements in investment for adaptation and risk reduction to benefit nature and society. Project case studies and findings are presented on the project website These relate to climate risk disclosures and plans for risk management, stress-testing and scenario analysis, adaptation strategies for climate risk management and resilience, data-driven deals and investment, alongside improvements to partnership working.


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