Trends in Cognitive Sciences has published a new collaborative open-access paper. It features leading behavioural scientists working with public policy specialists to challenge the assumption that humans are irrational and propose that human behaviour should be considered reasonable within context. The authors suggest policymakers consider people’s goals and environmental factors when creating interventions. The article discusses how the reasonableness framework provides a better understanding of people’s responses to Covid-19 and climate change, emphasising the role of trust in institutions and political factors.

The authors advocate for behavioural science to engage with the public through participatory methods such as citizen assemblies and co-design. They argue that what may seem irrational is often reasonable within the given context and emphasise the importance of considering the reasonableness of human actions when shaping public policy.

This links to other works by co-author Laura de-Moliere (formerly head of Behavioral Science at Government Communication Service).


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