Local resilience is at the forefront of peoples’ mind as they think about today’s emergency and the next looming disruption. The Local Resilience Forum (LRF) is the local body that convenes resilience practitioners to prepare for/respond to/recover from emergencies and there are 38 LRFs covering England. Those LRFs are looking forward to substantial changes as government seeks to strengthen LRFs ready for the new national ambition to deliver a whole of society approach to resilience.


Join Professor Duncan Shaw (Alliance Manchester Business School) and David Powell (Humanitarian and Conflict Response Institute) as they share insights from the journey through the Covid-19 pandemic years and ask what did we learn about the future of resilience? Was Covid-19 just the ‘fire-drill’, or first in a new class of pandemic? How can we strengthen LRFs for future disruptions?


This webinar will examine;

  • learning of strategic recovery leads for the future of LRFs
  • how LRFs can meet the national ambition for societal resilience
  • how to operationalise societal resilience as a future capability
  • the importance of local capability


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