The Global Centre on Adaptation (GCA), in partnership with the Climate Development Knowledge Network (CDNK), has published its second edition of the report “Stories of Resilience: Lessons from Local Adaptation Practice”.  This collaborative project showcases communities working to find locally driven solutions to adaptation challenges, all of which have contributed to enhanced resilience of people and nature.

The report is based on input from over 200 contributors and 19 in-depth case studies to outline globally transferable recommendations for national and global policymakers on nurturing and facilitating locally-led adaptation. Key recommendations include:

  • Innovating adaptation finance mechanisms to enable agile financing in response to cascading impacts from climate change.
  • Enable and facilitate transformational adaptation with finance providers empowering local decision-makers and local action.
  • Protect and build the resilience of communities, by preserving and restoring the resilience of ecosystems, with efforts to regenerate local environments prioritised and upscaled.
  • Deliver contextually appropriate place-based solutions in response to local needs and requirements, prioritised over imposed solutions from financial providers.
  • Recognise the economic and social value of individuals, communities and organisations who volunteer their resources and provide in-kind contributions to support and enhance the resilience of people and places.
  • Develop diverse and inclusive practices reflective of the capabilities and vulnerabilities of a diverse population and local community.


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