New research published in the Journal of Climate Risk Management aims to implement the Representative Key Risks (RKR) framework proposed in the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) Sixth Assessment Report of Working Group II. The study emphasises the severe risks associated with human mobility due to climate change, including migration, resettlement, and immobility. It operationalises the RKR framework to better understand the risks faced by human mobility and highlights the importance of proactive governance and policies to manage these risks. The research also explores the concept of habitability and emphasises the need for research on involuntary immobility and the effectiveness of migration policies. The study asserts that proactive governance at various levels can reduce suffering and avert severe risks related to mobility in a changing climate.


Gilmore, E. A., Wrathall, D., Adams, H., Buhaug, H., Castellanos, E., Hilmi, N., … & Adelekan, I. (2024). Defining severe risks related to mobility from climate change. Climate Risk Management44, 100601.


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