This article from the Guardian, explores how residents from Bude in Cornwall, are responding to the increasing risks from climate change through the Bude Climate Partnership. The Bude Climate Partnership was set up as a community-led initiative with £200,000 grant funding from the National Lottery Climate Action Fund. This led to a further successful funding award of £2m to undertake projects set out by the partnership; these include establishing a climate jury and addressing tourism and residential emissions reductions.

The final climate jury report is due for publication this month and is based on the participation of 43 citizens selected to assess the impact of climate change on the local area, including the risks from rising sea levels, coastal erosion and flooding. The jurors heard evidence from experts and witnesses to set out a series of recommendations for future risk reduction and preparedness. The climate jury believes the process has already paid dividends through enhanced collaboration and evidence-based advocacy by the community, with strategic partners like the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, who have recently granted £3m funding for coastal flood defences.


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