The House of Commons Library has published a Research Briefing on Martyn’s Law: The Draft Terrorism (Protection of Premises) Bill.

The proposed Draft Terrorism Bill, commonly known as ‘Martyn’s Law’, is based on the recommendations of the inquiry into the Manchester Arena attack and the campaign led by Figen Murray, the mother of Martyn Hett, who wasa victim of the Manchester Arena attack. It also reflects the Government’s counter-terrorism strategy (CONTEST) and the legislative framework for countering terrorism.

The Bill would require owners of public venues to implement measures to reduce the risk of terrorist attacks. Its primary obligation is the Protect Duty, which would apply to venues with a capacity of 100 or more and public events. It would involve training, risk assessment, mitigation, and security plans. A new regulatory body would be created to inspect and enforce the Protect Duty, with powers to issue notices, impose penalties, and restrict the use of venues. However, the Impact Assessment estimates the cost of implementing the bill to be between £1.1 billion and £6.3 billion, with concerns being raised about the impact on small businesses, voluntary organisations, and places of worship. The Bill has not yet been peer-reviewed or responded to by the government.

The research briefing summarises the Bill’s background, scope and requirements alongside the pre-legislative scrutiny and critical recommendations by the Home Affairs Committee. Read the Covering Note from the House of Commons Library.


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