This briefing describes how data, metrics and models can help measure the environmental impacts of food systems, which are complex networks of activities and interactions that affect food production, processing, consumption and waste. All of which have direct relevance to national food security. Food systems are important for national food security because they determine the availability, access, utilisation and stability of food for all.


The research briefing also discusses the challenges and opportunities for developing consistent and reliable methods for assessing and reporting on food sustainability, as well as the role of the UK Government’s Food Data Transparency Partnership. These initiatives aim to improve the availability and quality of data on food systems, enhance the transparency and accountability of food businesses, and inform consumers and policymakers about the environmental impacts of food choices. By doing so, they can support evidence-based decision-making and innovation for more sustainable food systems that can, in turn, improve national food security.


Read the full research briefing from UK Parliament’s POSTnote

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