Most networks can be breached, and most software has exploitable flaws. This can give unparalleled advantage to attackers, but the situation in Ukraine suggests that an energetic and thorough defense can prove more than adequate in matching this advantage. The Ukraine experience can guide decisions on cyber defense, and it suggests that cyber defense will require different approaches, involve new actors, and be complex for nations to construct and coordinate. A recent collection of essays from CSIS examines the war in Ukraine, with a view to the wider debate around the role and value of cyber capabilities.


Join CSIS for an event launching their new report Evolving Cyber Operations and Capabilities. With Paul Chichester, Director of Operations at the UK National Cyber Security Centre, Erica Lonergan, Assistant Professor in the Army Cyber Institute at West Point, Julia Voo, Cyber Fellow at Harvard’s Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs, Melanie Garson, Cyber Policy Lead and Acting Director of Geopolitics at the Tony Blair Institute for Global Change, and Amy Ertan, Cyber and Hybrid Policy Officer at NATO.


This event is done in collaboration with the UK National Cyber Security Centre.


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