The MYRIAD EU: Reducing risks together is a Horizon 2020 project that takes a systematic approach to offer new ways disaster risks are managed. The MYRIAD-EU project is designed to catalyse the paradigm shift towards a multi-risk, multi-sector, systemic approach to risk assessment and management. The project will assess trade-offs and synergies between economic sectors, hazards and their scales to provide policymakers, decision-makers and practitioners with practical tools and solutions to reduce and manage risks. This is being delivered through real-world case studies and pilot projects that bring together unique collaborations across various multi-hazard contexts across science, policy and practice. One such pilot includes the North Sea, with UK participation in multiple aspects of the project and pilots, including the British Geological Survey in the core project team.

The latest project outcome is the policy brief “Reducing Risks Together: a systemic approach to reducing disaster risk in Europe.” This highlights the crucial need for a holistic and robust approach to disaster risk management in light of the extreme weather events recently experienced across Europe.

The policy briefing outlines the key findings from research, including case study examples, a standardised approach to multi-hazard terminology, integrating multi-hazard data for policy-making and, through this, combines disaster risk reduction and climate change adaptation efforts.

Other key project documents and reports can be found in the MYRIAD EU Library.


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