The Post Event Review Capability (PERC) is a method developed by Zurich Flood Resilience Alliance to provide research, conduct independent review and identify learning for flood resilience, flood risk management and catastrophe intervention from flood events. Promoting opportunities for enhancing opportunities through robust recommendations from their evidence-led reviews.


This report is a synthesised review of more than 20 PERC reviews combined, to identify commonalities and key themes to better direct and identify priorities for action. Providing several recommendations and lessons from past disaster events that policymakers and practitioners can use to improve national resilience. The overarching takeaway of the report is that disaster risks can no longer be treated in siloistic isolation, effective multi-hazard risk management strategies are required, emphasising the need for society to be better prepared to respond to polycrises in light of the future risk landscape.


Read the full report on Prevention Web


Zurich Flood Resilience Alliance, has since conducted roughly two dozen post-event studies globally, expanding from floods to other climate-related hazards such as wildfires. You can find out more about the studies from the Zurich Flood Resilience Alliance website 



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