The ENGAGE project is a research initiative to boost societal resilience through a whole-of-society approach, by connecting formal and informal actors in disaster management. The project includes 15 partners from eight countries, and a practice community comprising practitioners, NGOs, and citizens.

The ENGAGE project’s white paper is a comprehensive guide for enhancing societal resilience. It covers various aspects such as theoretical framework, case studies, solutions, and policy recommendations. The project’s theoretical framework integrates resilience, co-creation, and social media concepts, which can guide the design and evaluation of disaster management solutions. The project explored case studies in various countries and contexts to test the theoretical framework and identify best practices. The project compiled a solutions catalogue including more than 100 tools, methods, and practices for disaster management. The AI-powered chatbot provides personalised advice and information to citizens for disaster management. Finally, the project formulated policy recommendations for enhancing societal resilience, emphasising multi-stakeholder collaboration, co-creation, social media, AI and data analytics, guided by an ethical and legal framework.


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