The UK experienced its highest temperature ever recorded on July 19, 2022, reaching 40.3°C. This resulted in the first-ever issuance of a Level 4 heat-health alert and a Red national severe weather warning. The Met Office UK has warned that climate change increases the risk of 40°C temperatures in the UK.


In this article, Candice Howarth, Head of Local Climate Action at the Grantham Research Institute, LSE, examines the UK’s current state of preparedness for extreme heat, one year after the July 19, 2022 heatwave. The article discusses changes in policies and strategies in the past year, including the Government’s Third National Adaptation Plan published the same week. It also highlights key findings from reports such as the Climate Change Committees Advisory Report, which identifies building resilience to extreme heat as a key national priority and a lack of preparedness in climate change adaptation.


The article concludes that the UK remains unprepared for extreme heat, and further government inaction may increase heat-related deaths in the future. It suggests clear and immediate actions for implementation to increase preparedness for extreme heat.


Read the full article from the London School of Economics, Grantham Research Institute

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