The National Cyber Security Centre has warned about the increased volume and impact of global ransomware cyber-attacks in the near future due to using artificial intelligence (AI). The NCSC has urged both individuals and organisations to take protective measures against these potential attacks. This warning comes after publishing a report on the near-term impact of AI on the cyber threat. The report, NCSC-A, is based on an assessment that combines intelligence with expert judgments to improve cyber security in the UK. The report focuses on how AI will affect the efficacy of cyber operations and its implications for the cyber threat over the next two years. The report concludes that AI will increase the volume and impact of cyber-attacks with uneven effects. Both state and non-state actors are already using AI to varying degrees, making surveillance and social engineering more efficient and challenging to detect. Advanced uses of AI are unlikely to occur before 2025, but AI will contribute to the global ransomware threat in the next two years. The report also suggests that AI-enabled capabilities will be available to cybercriminals and state actors in the long term.


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