The National Cyber Security Centre has published a new research problem book of what it considers the most significant ‘cross-cutting’ problems for cyber security over the next decade. The book is intended for academic and private sector partners conducting research and innovation to solve complex cybersecurity research problems. The list is not meant to be exhaustive but is focused on issues that the centre believes require a more focused, scaled and joined-up multi-disciplinary effort to address over the next decade. The centre has focused on the following five key problems and justifications;


  1. How can we build systems we can trust when we can’t trust any of the individual components within them? An important question to address diminishing confidence in security of supply chains.


  1. How do we make system security assessments more data driven? To help turn the art of security architecture review into a science.


  1. How do we create and adopt meaningful measures of cyber security? To enable countries and organisations to make better decisions about which security initiatives will have the best return on investment.


  1. How do we make phishing a thing of the past? To make phishing an ineffective infection vector for cyber-attacks.


  1. How can we accelerate the adoption of modern security mitigations into Operational Technology (OT)? To help the inherent security of OT catch up, or even overtake, IT.


Click here to read the Research Problem Book from the National Cyber Security Centre

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