The Home Office has launched an Open Consultation on the draft requirements imposed on standard-tier premises; organisations, businesses, local and public authorities, and individuals who own or operate publicly accessible premises or events that the Terrorism (Protection of Premises) Bill will potentially affect. Under the proposed law, premises will be considered ‘standard tier,’ meaning they have a capacity of 100-799 or ‘enhanced tier’, with a capacity of 800 or more. This consultation relates explicitly to the updated approach to standard tier premises, based on a new ‘reasonably practicable’ approach reflective of the scope of those operating smaller venues and reducing implementation costs. The government is keen to have a view from those operating smaller premises, especially those in the community and voluntary sector. The draft requirements also set out a proposal for establishing a new regulator to monitor compliance and provide advice to premises required to register as being within the scope of the new legislation.

The deadline for consultation responses is the 18th March 2024.


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