London Mayor Sadiq Khan recently spoke at the climate summit in New York, warning that London must begin to prepare for 45-degree heat, stating that current city transportation, housing and schools cannot mitigate such temperatures and the associated impacts on human health. This follows an interim review as part of The London Climate Resilience Review commissioned by the Mayor of London earlier this year following the 2022 summer heatwave, which saw temperatures reach 40 degrees in London. The Independent Chair of the London Climate Resilience Review is Emma Howard Boyd CBE, Chair of the Green Finance Institute and UN Global Ambassador for the Race to Resilience and Race to Zero. The final review will be published in December 2023 and will support London’s preparations for climate change’s impacts.

When the Review was announced, Lord Toby Harris, Chair of the National Preparedness Commission, said: “Last year when my review of London’s preparedness to respond to a major terrorist incident was published, I said that preparedness has to be a London-wide endeavour. This is just as true for London’s readiness to respond to the increasing challenges of climate change. Every part of the City, every Borough, every community and every business will all have to play their part.”


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