EU INFORM Partners created the INFORM Risk Index a decade ago to measure the global risk of global humanitarian crises. INFORM project partners and organisations across the EU multilateral system use the index and other supporting risk products to manage risk better and respond to crises. INFORM creates a space for shared analysis that supports joint strategy development, planning, and action to prevent, prepare for, respond to, and recover from crises. This report looks back on the development of INFORM over the last decade and analyses crises and crisis risk trends.

The INFORM vision is to develop a suite of products that are easy to use and open to everyone, bringing scientific rigour to analysing crises and pooling expertise to develop shared methodologies. By working together, organisations can reduce the investments required, assure the quality of analysis, and make it available for the common good.

INFORM Risk Index: a global, open-source risk assessment for humanitarian crises and disasters to support decision-making across the disaster cycle.

INFORM Warning: in development to support decision-making for preparedness, early warning and early action.

INFORM Severity Index: measures and compares the severity of humanitarian crises and disasters globally.

INFORM Climate Change: an upgraded climate risk index to inform policy choices for mitigation, adaptation, risk reduction, sustainable development and humanitarian assistance.


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