The House of Lords, Science and Technology Committee has published its report “The Neglected Pollutants: the effects of Artificial Light and Noise on Human Health.”

According to a House of Lords Science and Technology Committee report, light and noise pollution can negatively impact human health by disrupting sleep and circadian rhythms, leading to negative social and economic impacts. The report concludes that light and noise pollution are neglected, with significant health impacts and growing public concern. The report recommends mitigation through good design and investment. The report calls for a renewed focus on these pollutants, with strengthened coordination between departments and central and local government. This would lead to meaningful improvements in public health and quality of life in the UK. Research and reports such as these can ultimately lead to better risk reduction for public health and prevention of cascading socio-economic impacts from poor general health. And intricately related to one’s vulnerability, capacity and capability to respond effectively to crises, emergencies and disasters.


Full report from the House of Lords, Science and Technology Committee.

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