The Hewitt Review is an independent review of integrated care systems. It is based on input from the expertise of ICSs, local government, the NHS, the voluntary sector, patients and service users, and other subject experts including those in academia, government departments, and relevant think tanks.


According to the Hewitt Review, health inequalities were estimated to cost the NHS an extra £4.8 billion a year. Society lost around £31 billion in productivity. Between £20 to 32 billion a year was lost in tax revenue and benefit payments before the COVID-19 pandemic. By shifting the focus towards prevention and proactive population health management, the recommendations aim to reduce these costs and improve the health and wellbeing of the population. In turn it is expected to reduce system pressures and economic costs associated with health inequalities


The review has identified 6 key principles, that will enable us to create the context in which ICSs can thrive and deliver. These are;

  • collaboration within and between systems and national bodies
  • a limited number of shared priorities
  • allowing local leaders, the space and time to lead
  • the right support
  • balancing freedom with accountability
  • and enabling access to timely, transparent and high-quality data


These 6 key principles, show alignment with those that are emerging as key factors for community resilience.


Click here to read the full Hewitt Review from the Department of Health and Social Care

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