The House of Commons Science, Innovation, and Technology Committee has released the Third Report of Session 2023–24, which provides a comprehensive overview of AI governance. This report builds on the interim report from August 2023 and includes recommendations for the government, which is expected to respond within two months. It emphasises the importance of international collaboration, highlighting the efforts of organisations such as the G7 and the United Nations in prioritising AI governance.

The report examines the progress in AI regulation within the UK and internationally while revisiting the previously identified Twelve Challenges of AI Governance. It emphasises the challenge of unexplainable AI decision-making processes while having strong predictive powers. The report expresses concerns about the AI Safety Institute’s inability to access developers’ models for safety testing and recommends that the next government address the 12 challenges for AI governance outlined in the report.

Additionally, it suggests the need for stronger testing of AI outputs and more financial support for sectoral regulators in response to AI’s growing prevalence. With the upcoming 2024 UK General Election, the report stresses the importance of future-proofing and the ongoing need to establish public trust in AI technology. The government now has two months to respond to the report



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