The World Economic Forum has published the 2024 Global Risk Report. The annual report is based on the Global Risk Perception Survey (GRPS) findings, ranking what respondents consider to be the most severe and likely global risks over a two-year and ten-year period. This year’s report highlights that two-thirds of participants consider the long-term outlook to be turbulent, contextualised through four systemic elements: climate change, demographic bifurcation, technological acceleration and geostrategic shifts. Environmental risk remains one of the most pressing concerns, with two-thirds of respondents ranking extreme weather as the most likely risk of material concern, with the potential for crisis if global tipping points are breached. In the near term, however, misinformation and disinformation are regarded as the most severe and pressing risks. The report explores the interconnected relationships of these risks, highlighting the challenges that this will bring for future resilience and adaptation, emphasising a need for proactive collaboration on preparedness for risk through positive strategic action to reduce them.


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