The Reference Guide Gender and Sexual Minorities in Disaster Risk Reduction has been published by GRRIPP, a network that promotes gender-responsive resilience and intersectionality in policy and practice. It aims to generate insights to inform gender-responsive and risk-aware policies that support resilient planning, design, construction, and governance of cities and communities. This is critical for delivering the Sustainable Development Goals, the Sendai Framework, and the Paris Agreement by 2030. The GRRIPP project is a four-year global collaboration and knowledge exchange project implemented by seven universities based in Bangladesh, Peru, South Africa, and the UK

By examining the available literature, this guide aims to disseminate and promote the significance of the knowledge learnt from incorporating gender and sexual minority studies into disaster risk reduction.


Reference Guides on Gender and Disaster Series

This series is an ongoing project of the Centre for Gender and Disaster to compile the existing literature on gender and disaster and to share it with other disciplines and sectors. This series’ first volume provides some essential readings to support an introduction to readers who may be new to this study area.  The second Volume delves more into the nexus of gender–disaster–conflicts, including references to gender-based violence, health and well-being, climate change, livelihoods, and rights. The next Volume will focus on sourcing and sharing more studies in languages other than English to diversify sources of knowledge.

Gender and Disaster: Bibliography & Reference Guide Volume 1

Gender and Disaster: Bibliography & Reference Guide Volume 2


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