New research published in the Journal of Weather and Climate Extremes by Newcastle University and the Met Office has found that climate change will increase the frequency of compound extremes with strong wind and heavy rainfall in the UK and Ireland. The study used historical data from 1981-2000, and future scenarios of 2060-2081, to assess the potential of future storm frequency, intensity and severity. The findings suggest that the severity of compound wind-rain extremes will increase due to changes in the jet stream and increased rainfall. This could lead to more frequent windstorms coinciding with extreme rainfall and floods, posing risks to infrastructure and emergency response resources. The study highlights the need to reduce emissions and enhance infrastructure resilience to mitigate the impacts of these compound extremes. In the accompanying press release, the authors emphasise the effects this will have on UK emergency response resources, reinforcing calls by the Climate Change Committee to strengthen preparedness and resilience to extreme weather events.



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