“This inquiry will scrutinise the UK’s ongoing global counter-terrorism efforts. It will examine the actions taken by the UK to manage, contain and prevent ongoing acts of terrorism emanating overseas, with a view to assessing counter-terrorism policy in light of the 2021 Integrated Review and its 2023 Refresh. It will further examine the security, diplomatic and political objectives the UK prioritises in the evolving terrorism landscape.


The inquiry aims to map the motivations, sources and locations of the most pressing current terrorist threats and to consider how they may evolve in the next decade. It will also examine FCDO policy with reference to different forms of terrorism, including ecological, extreme left, extreme right, narco-terrorism, and religious fundamentalist terrorism.


It will consider in particular the implications for the UK of regional instability in Afghanistan, the Middle East, North Africa and sub-Saharan Africa; and examine how the UK can use its influence to best effect in bilateral and multilateral security partnerships.


Read the call for evidence for more details about the inquiry

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