Flooding is a significant natural hazard in the UK, and its frequency is expected to increase due to climate change, resulting in billions in annual damages. To mitigate this risk, Natural Flood Management (NFM) is critical for reducing flood risk whilst delivering environmental benefits such as carbon sequestration, biodiversity uplift, and water quality improvements. However, the main barrier is a lack of funding for NFM. In response, the Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs (Defra) commissioned the Green Finance Institute (GFI) to explore how private sector sources of finance could be unlocked to help facilitate the delivery of natural flood management at scale across England. Leaders from various industries nationwide have collaborated to develop a practical blueprint for attracting private-sector capital to finance NFM. The “Financing Natural Flood Management” report outlines how to increase demand from multiple potential private sector buyers, mobilising capital at the pace and scale needed to boost resilience to flooding.


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