This article concerns the Insurance Development Forum (IDF), a public-private partnership that aims to improve risk modelling and disaster finance through data. The article highlights a global need for actionable data and intelligence, which restricts investment in resilient infrastructure and risk financing in the world’s most vulnerable communities. The article calls on the re-insurance community to support equitable data access for users in vulnerable countries. The article showcases several private-public sector programs leading the effort to address these challenges. These programs include the Global Risk Modeling Alliance (GRMA), which the IDF initiated. It offers services and funding in capability development to nations who want to strengthen their risk insight. Another example is the Resilient Planet Data Hub (RPDH), a risk data portal developed by the IDF in partnership with the University of Oxford and the UN Office for Disaster Risk Reduction. The RPDH provides globally consistent risk and resilience data under current and future climate conditions.


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