The new Energy Security and Net Zero Committee has launched a series of inquiries as part of its focus on how best to prepare for next winter, protect consumers and ensure the UK’s infrastructure and energy mix is fit for the future.


  1. Preparing for the winter – Examining the lessons from the high energy prices of last winter, the customer protections offered by Ofgem and legislation regarding pricing controls.


  1. Heating our homes – Investigating the changes needed to deliver energy-efficient homes across the UK, how the Government can support innovation and the affordability of the switch to decarbonised heating.


  1. A flexible grid for the future – Looking at what needs to be done to ensure the UK has effective infrastructure to deliver capacity for the future and support the development of renewable energy sources.


  1. Keeping the power on: our future energy technology mix – Exploring how the energy mix of the UK needs to change to deliver enough capacity while delivering against Net Zero targets.


Read the full press release from UK Parliament

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