COVINFORM is a multi-disciplinary, international project funded by EU Horizon 2020 to investigate the risks and vulnerabilities associated with Covid-19 in the UK and EU. One of the project’s key outputs is the Risk Assessment Dashboard. This is an essential component of the project enabling researchers, academics, and policymakers to investigate the COVINFORM Risk Score, a comprehensive risk index. This score is developed by combining data from different sources, including various countries, timeframes, and collection methods. The dashboard concentrates on the relationship between risk and vulnerabilities, including health, social, and economic factors, and offers several features, including:


  • Risk assessments that analyse national data related to risks, vulnerabilities, consequences, and resilience levels associated with Covid-19.
  • Geospatial plots that map economic, health, socio-demographic, and environmental indicators to understand their contributions to public health crises.
  • Indicator comparisons to gain valuable knowledge about the relationships between individual indicators.
  • Monitoring and analysis of Covid-19 trends through epidemiological data on deaths, cases, and vaccinations.
  • Case studies to learn from those most at risk during the Covid-19 pandemic.
  • A knowledge repository that provides access to a vast collection of resources exploring various dimensions of vulnerability during the Covid-19 crisis.


The project has produced a range of outputs, including country reports, white papers, fact sheets, blogs and podcasts. The final project summary blog is now available online.


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