The Coalition for Disaster Resilient Infrastructure has released its first-ever biennial review of Global Infrastructure Resilience, emphasising the need to prioritise investments in infrastructure resilience. The report introduces the Global Infrastructure Risk Model and Resilience Index (GIRI). This global model assesses the financial risk and resilience of infrastructure sectors and hazards for every country and territory. This model enables the evaluation of the “resilience dividend”, which captures the multiple benefits of investing in infrastructure resilience, such as preventing losses, enhancing services, and fostering development. The report also highlights the value of nature-based solutions in complementing or substituting traditional infrastructure to provide social and environmental benefits. CDRI intends for this report to be used by Governments, investors, and stakeholders worldwide as a resource to foster discussions and implement recommendations outlined in the report.

CDRI (2023). Global Infrastructure Resilience: Capturing the Resilience Dividend – A Biennial Report from the Coalition for Disaster Resilient Infrastructure. New Delhi.


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