BBC Radio 4 Inside Science episode –  Can we prevent natural disasters?


BBC Presenter Gaia Vince, speaks with Professor Anastasios Sextos (Bristol University), Executive Director  Bruce Malamud (Durham University), Professor Lucy Easthope (Durham University) and Professor Ilan Kelman (University College London)


key questions explored;

  • do all natural events have to turn into a disaster?
  • is there anything we can do to mitigate their impacts?
  • how we can engineer buildings to withstand earthquakes?
  • how we can build models to forecast the risk of a natural disaster occurring?
  • how does a disaster unfold, is it predictable?
  • what is the importance of social resilience, long-term planning and effective alert communication in managing and mitigating the aftermath of these events?


Listen to the recording of Inside Science on BBC Radio 4

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