The ISC and UNDRR are seeking nominations for candidates interested in serving on the IRDR Scientific Committee (SC)

The Integrated Research on Disaster Risk (IRDR) programme is a global initiative to mobilise science to reduce disaster risk and build resilience. The programme integrates risk science with climate change adaptation and sustainable development and is co-sponsored by ISC, UNDRR, and ISC Member, the China Association of Science and Technology (CAST). The initiative is now entering its second ten-year phase, which aims to improve knowledge and enhance understanding of risk and uncertainty, promoting research and action and developing institutional capacities for risk-informed sustainable development.

The IRDR Scientific community comprises a group of senior experts who will guide the programme to ensure it is strategic, inclusive, open, and productive to deliver practical outcomes. The committee will shape and develop the scientific agenda and priorities for action, develop policy guidance and engage with stakeholder communities across sectors and disciplines.

A representative and eligible scientific organisation must nominate candidates with relevant expertise as outlined in the call for nominees. The deadline for nominations is 15th January 2024.


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