Disasters are complex events that can have devastating impacts on communities. To better prepare for future events and build resilience, policymakers and community leaders need accurate information and an understanding of the complex processes involved in disasters to enable them to make informed decisions, allocate resources effectively, and develop resilience strategies.

PARATUS is developing a digital disaster-WIKI repository to provide disaster preparedness and planning insights. The WIKI will use standardised impact chains to analyse how different sectors, such as health, culture, environment, and finance are impacted by hazardous events.

The disaster-WIKI will serve as a platform for collective working and knowledge sharing to support predicting future impacts by analysing data from past disasters, identifying trends, and developing effective strategies to enhance resilience. It will also facilitate collaboration and knowledge exchange among communities facing similar challenges, sharing best practices and lessons learned. The tool’s development will involve reports, interviews, testimonies, videos, virtual workshops, and presence meetings.


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