Resilience First has published its event round-up briefing, Bridging the gap between regulation and private sector innovation. The event convened by Resilience First focused on collaboration between private and public entities for resilience following the publication of the 2024 Edelman Trust Barometer.

The event began with contextualisation of the current action gap between private and public sectors in response to strategic risks for societies and economies, including a discussion of the significant realignment currently being driven by megatrends in geopolitical competition and localisation affecting economic and political systems. This is further contextualised by noting the gap between innovation and regulation in the UK concerning national resilience, citing key challenges such as the cost-of-living crisis, chronic public healthcare pressures, and managing extreme weather events. The critical debate concerns the role of strategic policy, institutions and long-term decision-making to address resilience. An essential suggestion included the establishment of a new Office of National Resilience. The debate also highlighted opportunities to address these challenges and close the action gap through a ‘whole-of-society’ approach to resilience that will foster greater private and public sector collaboration.


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