The Business Continuity Institute has recently launched the latest version of the Good Practice Guidelines (GPG 7.0) for business continuity and resilience professionals. These guidelines provide the best practices and standards for developing and implementing business continuity solutions, drawing upon the knowledge of practitioners from across the world, as well as within International Standards. The guide takes a collaborative approach to business continuity, ensuring that organisations and individuals fully understand how to work with related management disciplines to successfully implement their business continuity solutions.

A Full version is available for members or purchase, or a Lite Edition is also available for free.

The new GPG consists of six professional practices (PP) which provide a structure to be used in the development of a Business Continuity Management System (BCMS). Professional Practices include; PP1: Establishing a BCMS, PP2: Embracing Business Continuity, PP3: Analysis, PP4: Solutions Design, PP5: Enabling Solutions, PP6: Validation.


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