The London Councils is a collective of London local government bodies, including 32 London boroughs and the City of London Corporation. They collaborate to deliver shared ambitions for London and its residents. London Councils have developed the Resilient and Green: Governance and Partnerships Guide. This guidance is intended to help the boroughs understand their role in adapting to climate change and building resilience. This guidance covers various themes and service areas such as flooding, housing, nature, transport, and health. It aims to support boroughs at the beginning of their adaptation journey by outlining their responsibilities and national and regional policies. The guide also identifies opportunities for collaboration with key stakeholders and networks and summarises key findings from the London Climate Resilience Review, national legislation, borough statutory duties, and regional partnerships. Developed collaboratively with borough officers and key London partners, this guide is the first output of the resilient and green theme, which aims to support boroughs in scaling up their actions on climate adaptation.



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